silverhairyami (silverhairyami) wrote in elysium_cruiser,

Who: Ryou. Akefia
Where: Ryou's apartment
Warnings: Akefia cusses on a normal basis
What: The first gift Akefia's ever given

The thief walked the hall to Ryou's apartment, a large rectangular gift wrapped in simple brown paper tucked under one arm. He was dressed as he did in modern times, a long dark trench coat, jeans, and a simple plain t-shirt. He was still slightly comfortable with this but... He had made the gift for Ryou and there was no reason to keep it himself. He hadn't given it to the boy on his birthday because he wasn't satisfied with it and now... Only nerves had been stopping him. But after this last bought of sickness Akefia decided he had to give it to the boy.

So thus there he was, knocking on Ryou's door.
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