LovelessKitty (lovelesskitty) wrote in elysium_cruiser,

Tour of the Ship

Who: Ritsuka and Haruhi
When: Noon on the weekend
Where: The bookstore
What: Ritsuka is going to give Haruhi a tour of the ship
Warnings: Not likely

He let out a breath of air, watching as the small cloud puff rose into the air in a white wisp. He was waiting in front of the bookstore, having put on his big winter jacket and mittens on to keep warm. He was going to meet someone today and the idea made him happy. His ears were perked and he kept looking for someone. He hadn't heard from Akito-chan but he had heard from Kio and Ichigo and everyone else which made him happy.

He let out another puff of air and his tail tried to stay up under the jacket since it was so cold and fur plus water was never pleasant. He rocked back and forth on his heels as he continued to wait for Fujioka-san.

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