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Jan. 5th, 2009 @ 01:26 am Foreign, Indeed!
Who: Relena, Heero (closed)
When: Todaaay
Where: Olympus Deck sum'eres
What: Lost politicianthing is lost?
Warnings: Shouldn't be.

A frown marred the vice minister's face as she regarded her present surroundings. She had just been on a shuttle to one of the colonies where she was supposed to be attending a conference when things either veered off course or someone laced her tea, again. The latter possibility was less than appealing; after all, the last time that had happened she'd ended up a political hostage and seen a twelve year old girl shot and subsequently paralyzed. To say the memory was unpleasant was the least one could say. She might have strayed into wondering how Lady Une and Mariemaia were doing if the situation wasn't so particularly peculiar. She'd never heard of the name of the ship she was one (strange in and of itself) and she wasn't sure how answering a summons to a colonial conference turned into boarding it.

Adjusting her suit blazer and shifting her weight subtly while she pulled a ribbon from her pocket to tie her hair back, Vice Foreign Minster Darlian considered her situation in greater detail. Somehow, her summons ended up being for this ship rather than a colony, but whatever any conference (if there even was one) doubtfully had much to do with peace talks or relations. This was a luxury vessel, from the looks of it and even the name. Thus summons might have been invitation, but to what? She wasn't needed her, without doubt, and she couldn't simply go missing! There had been an uproar every time that managed to happen.

At least she didn't carry such a title as "queen", anymore. That would have caused even more unnecessary panic.

There's an explanation, of course, she thought, frowning a bit at her surroundings before deciding that it wasn't going to do her much good. Relena composed herself, hands folding in front of her lap, and inhaled deeply only to release it in a manner to calm herself. Now to find it.
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Date:January 5th, 2009 07:05 am (UTC)
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Everyone told him that he needed to go out and about. Well, all of the Gundam pilots at any rate. That wasn't to say that... he actually cared what anyone else thought. In all honesty, he had his new roommate, the one he hadn't met yet, and someone he wasn't familiar with in any aspect. To be perfectly fair, there were a great number of people on the Elysium Cruiser that Heero didn't know.

Correct. A great number of people on the Elysium Cruiser that Heero didn't care to know. He cared about himself first and foremost, or so was the impression he gave, and then those he considered allies second on that list. And by allies, he generally meant the other four, one of whom had shown himself, and the other three had... likely returned to either the colonies or Earth for another assignment.

Heero spent a good majority of his time in his room attempting to construct a mobile suit to free himself of his constraints. On this ship, he had no access to Gundanium alloy or other things of that nature. It made his ability to fight limited to hand-to-hand combat, something that he could do and would likely equally succeed in, but not something that he was comfortable with. He even would have preferred fencing, because then he at least had a mask to hide his face.

All of that was lingering in his mind when he was scouting Olympus Deck. He was searching for something in particular. The music shop. He'd meant to spend some of his free time there, so he could obtain the currency that the ship's inhabitants were using. There was only so much he could snake from his former roommates. Otherwise, he would need the ability to acquire other necessary items.

Any type of mobile suit would do.

It was about that time he saw her. Or at least, he thought he saw her. But that couldn't be. There were some things that Heero just simply didn't want. There were also some things that he told himself he didn't want, but subconsciously knew that there was still some humanity left in him when he could admit that he... 'missed' someone.


It was a name he hadn't heard in quite some time, and one he hadn't been exactly... ecstatic about hearing. Then again, he didn't get ecstatic about anything. Pausing at the stand that held the magazines, he found himself ducking behind a catalog shelf and lifting one to his face. And with as much inconspicuous nature he could muster, he found himself peeking over his magazine, and around the shelf, to ensure that it was indeed her.

Date:January 5th, 2009 07:42 am (UTC)
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Alright, well just standing here and brainstorming wasn't about to solve any great mysteries beyond providing a variety of hypotheses. None of which were, in reality, particularly helpful right now. At the very least, there would be people around here, being what looked like the shopping district on the ship. That provided her with a bit of information, though: individuals remained on the ship long enough to require such a place. Residential set up, perhaps. Perhaps something like a compact, apartment-styled colony?

Well, that was better than any of the other alternatives, perhaps. That and it very obviously could be worse. At least she wasn't someone's hostage, this time. With this in mind, she carried on from her present location, looking for someone uninvolved in a task to ask questions regarding any information she could acquire. Just enough so she could figure out the basics of the matter and then address the captain of the ship, at least marginally informed. It would serve her better than going without any information at all, not to mention her understanding of the place and matter at hand would be more thorough.

Dress shoes make very little noise when walking, and so there were no noises to distract her searching aside from whatever chatter or atmospheric din was around her. Peeking and peering at faces and stances, Relena found herself with very little luck; she didn't want to interrupt anyone if she could help it. In the past, she might have wondered what others would do. It wasn't the case so much now, seeing as how she'd left such a clueless state. She liked to think she understood more, especially with her position which required greater understanding both of herself and those around her. She seemed to be doing a fair job of it, seeing as how people had stopped waiting for someone to bring them peace and actually started taking their own action toward it.

Speaking of which, she really did need to just buckle down and ask someone. Otherwise this could end up incredibly time consuming. And so, heeding that advice, Relena found herself heading toward the closest shop: the music shop. And, much to the contrary of her original plan, decided to look around for some idling individual to ask about the ship and all things associated with it.
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Date:January 5th, 2009 08:06 am (UTC)
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What he thought was simply a fleeting dream moved and breathed, the way anyone animate, living, and breathing would. It verified one thing. She was certainly alive, and she was certainly there. On the ship. With the others. With him.

His eyebrows furrowed. Since when did he think of her as being with him? Even thinking it in his head made him feel a little strange. Not in the ways of butterflies in the stomach, but more of an anger boiling in his veins. The type of anger that came from inward chiding and scolding. The type of anger that arose when someone punished themselves for something they likely had no control over in the first place.

At any rate, she was coming toward where he was, like she had a homing device implanted in her, like she had traversed all of space to simply find him. He hoped that wasn't the case. He didn't want to hear that sort of explanation because there was no logic behind it and that was something the Relena he tended to remember would say. Of course, that was also a younger Relena, back when he was a younger Heero. They'd both changed, and hers seemed far more impressive than his.

Around the aisles and the shelves he moved, occasionally changing magazines, but never once turning his back. For the time being, he would view her the way he viewed his opposition. Enemies could strike at the rear, and he had no one to cover his flank. If Duo, or one of the others had been there, he likely would have used one of them instead. Of course, they also would have gone right up to her and greeted her. Well, Wufei wouldn't have, but there was a good chance that the other three would have.

For now, he'd play it safe, until the opportune moment showed itself. Until she turned her back to him.
Date:January 5th, 2009 10:30 pm (UTC)
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...Now that certainly was odd. Relena paused in her look around the music shop, now focusing on the strange movements. Someone either didn't want to be near her or, well, something. She wasn't quite sure what to make of backwards movement. Hiding she understood, though; she closed her eyes and shook her head gently. Avoidance of someone usually meant something, at the very least, even if it was an unknown someone. Physically retreating and now showing your back meant, if she remembered anything, keeping a watchful eye while maintaining a safe distance. Meaning recognition or uncertainty. It didn't matter that she couldn't ascertain if she really was being watched or not; she felt eyes, but that could be anyone.

A brow lifted in skepticism. Well, this place could very well hold all sorts, but that still stuck out to her a bit. The young lady vice minister tugged at her sleeves, adjusting them while considering what to make of the slightly out of place behaviour. Maybe it was just some overly wary person or maybe it was someone who recognized her. She didn't dare consider it one of the Gundam pilots or anyone she knew personally; that would probably be hoping for too much. After all, having some familiarity in a place you weren't quite sure what you were there for would be a bit much. With one last, listless tug at her coat sleeve, Relena turned, attention on the one who'd caught hers.

Just a lifetime (or that's what it felt like) earlier, she might have not come to any of her previous conclusions. A year or so ago, she might have demanded an explanation, influenced and uncertain as she had been. But at the present time, Relena folded her hands together and simply waited. If she was made to wait longer than she felt appropriate, she'd ask why this person's focus was on her and eventually follow with her own questions about this ship, where its captain was, and how she might get home.
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Date:January 5th, 2009 10:52 pm (UTC)
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She looked so... professional. That was the only word that Heero could think to use for her. Hair tied back, an outfit that reminded him immediately of the Sanc Kingdom, and a stature that was absolutely perfect for someone who had held the position of Vice Foreign Minister. No longer a queen, no longer simply a princess of the Peacecrafts, Relena had definitely grown up and Heero was relieved, to say in the least. She wouldn't be the same person she was the last time they saw one another.

But how would he be? He was as quiet as ever, as suspicious as ever, as... 'paranoid' as ever. Those were not traits that he could simply drop so easily. No. There were no longer Gundams. That did not, however, pull aside his inner workings.

Heero knew that she was paying attention. Heero also knew that she had an idea of what he was doing, which meant that he wouldn't be able to proceed with his plan. So what then? He could either play oblivious. Or he could address her. How much had he grown, after all? He could move from being a quiet child into a mature man. Well, young man. Heero was still wandering through his adolescence.

It was inevitable, however, to cross paths with her. Fully aware of this, he put his struggles aside and spoke over his magazine, though his tone was anything but muffled.

"What are you doing here?"
Date:January 6th, 2009 04:08 am (UTC)
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There was a glimmer of a smile that touched her lips at the voice she heard. Her demeanor relaxed into something almost comfortable, but it maintained the straightness of both respect and confidence. Her arms folded, cupping her elbows as she bowed her head as if to consider the question.

Inwardly, she felt some degree of elation; the one who'd all but metaphorically dragged her out of her almost fairy-tale childhood, inadvertently exposed her to the world, and within whom she'd found the strength and conviction to find and advocate her beliefs--of all the people to run into on this enormous ship. She kept back the soft laugh. Relena was not unaware of the affection that had blossomed for the young pilot throughout their interaction, but it was not something that controlled her life; as such, she set it aside and focused more on the situation.

"I might ask you the same, as I have no answer for you. Supposedly, I was on my way to a conference, and yet I find myself here." Relena made a faint gesture to the area around her. "Without a clue as to why."

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Date:January 6th, 2009 05:09 am (UTC)
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Lowering his magazine, his prussian blue eyes found hers. Even up close she held something about her that was vaguely intimidating. Imagine that, a big Gundam pilot petrified in his position by a woman. A mere woman. If that had ever found its way back to the Colonies or to Earth, then he was pretty much sunk.

He folded the catalog and put it away, folding his arms across his chest as he regarded her. Now that she was closer, he could examine her better than he could before. He had to admit that there were bits and pieces of her that he really liked. Her face was one of her best features. The sculpture of it had certainly shown her aging, in terms of wisdom.

"On your way to a conference and here you are," he repeated, as though he needed to confirm her words and the only way to do so was to echo them. He made a very light gesture, scarcely flicking his wrist in the process. "This is the Elysium Cruiser, a ship carrying its passengers to 'paradise'." Whatever that was. Wherever that was. He had yet to see a paradise, but he did see a lot of damn annoyances.

Like his first roommate. LS, he'd called him. Starwind, the man responsible for snoring too loudly at night. So loudly, that Heero had begun to acquire bags under his eyes.

"If it concerns you so much, you can leave at any time. You aren't confined here." At least, not if someone else sent for her, which would eventually happen, he was sure. The alliance back home couldn't really thrive without her.