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Jan. 18th, 2009 @ 12:51 am RT Log: L & Takada // Who's Ryuuga?
Who: Takada Kiyomi, L Lawliet
When: January 08 – Evening / Night
What: Kiyomi goes to L’s new dormitory to ask him a question, and gets invited to stay the night.
Warnings: Nothing. Just idle fluff.

Takada got up from her computer and opened the door to her room, just a little bit. She peeked her head out and looked around, trying to see if Bel was around, or waiting to jump out and scare her or something weird like that. Luckily, she didn't see him, so she moved out of her room and to the door., sneaking out into the hall. She found it ridiculous that she's only moved a few doors down, but wasn't complaining too much...

Ryuuzaki had lucked out. He was up in the nice rooms. She was a little jealous.

As quickly as she could, she passed through all the floors and finally made it to E3, where L was staying with someone named Shirley. She gently knocked a few times and waited.

In all honesty, L was completely as lost as one could be. He'd moved his small items up to the deck beneath Olympus and the moment he walked in, he simply stared. What was he supposed to do with all of the extra space? It sure was... more like a hotel, though it wasn't as nice as the ones he stayed in during his investigation in Japan. He was thankful for the rooming situation, but unsure of what to even do, he found himself in even deeper contemplation than he had been before.
Oh. And he didn't know who his roommate was. Shirley Fenette or something like that. So what to do then...? He'd just have to wait until he saw her. Then they could make their arrangements on who stayed exactly where, what could be placed here and there, and the idea that L preferred to sleep on the floor and not his bed. Call him a ruffian. The guy was just not fond of sleeping above the ground.

He turned his attention to the door and from his sitting position, he rolled over to it. A hand reached up and opened the door. On all fours, he looked up at Kiyomi from beneath that tangled messed. "Takada-ko. Come in." And he rolled out of the way.

Takada blinked as she looked down at Ryuuzaki. But she couldn't help but smile at him. He was adorable... sometimes freakishly so, but adorable nonetheless. "Thank you," she said as she moved into the room. She looked around, taking in the sheer beauty of this room, compared to the place she resided in. But it didn't fit Ryuuzaki's personality at all. She wondered how he was taking it.

"You have a lovely room." She mentioned, looking back to him.

He closed the room after she showed herself in. And as she looked around, he made his way to his feet in his lurched position. She must have been in awe. Oh, right. Takada liked the finer things in life, because she considered herself... to... uh... well... be one of the finer things in life, no doubt.

"I seem to, yes. It's not me at all, though," he said as he slipped his hands into his back pockets. "Can I get you something to drink?"

"No, it doesn't seem to be very 'you,'" she agreed. "I would love some tea, if you have any."

It was nice to be in his company again. And now that they weren't in an... "intimate" position, she could ask him some of the questions that had been floating around her mind. Mostly about him. Especially in regards to who he really was.

Tea, huh? That was easy enough, L supposed. He nodded to her with that secretive, childlike smile and gestured for her to follow him into the kitchen.

In all honesty, L tried not to think about his intimacy with her. He didn't want to frighten her off. He didn't want to make her uncomfortable. As a result, he found himself really just saying that he did it to survive. However she'd thought of it, he had no idea, and he... wasn't sure he wanted to get into that with her. Not if he was going to hear bad things. After all, there was no more inexperienced man than him.

"It'll take a little bit. Hope you don't mind the wait."

Takada thought of their little escapade as more of a.... spur of the moment act of pure lust. Not that she hadn't enjoyed herself, but she clearly hadn't been thinking with her brain. It was so unlike her to just jump into such an act with someone she hardly knew at all...

She followed him into the kitchen and sat at the table. "I don't mind at all," she told him, offering him a smile.

In spite of all of that, L's thoughts of Takada were nothing but high. He found her to be beautiful and punctual. As he began to prepare her tea, he set aside the potentially-whistling tea kettle.

As it waited upon the stove top, he turned to her and looked her over carefully. She looked better. Not quite so... vulnerable. It was a good look for her. The same as he had when he saw her in Tou-oh. "I'm a little surprised to see you. I thought perhaps Prince Bel had done something to you."

Her polite smile turned into a light chuckle. "Oh no, not yet... I'm quite cautious in our room now. I typically don't leave unless he's not around. Or sleeping." Not that it would really help with someone like Bel. She half expected to wake up in the morning and have his smiling face right in front of hers.

"You'd be one of the first to know if something did happen to me," she assured him.

Logically if she tried to leave when Belphegor was around, he'd try to stop her. Light and L couldn't exactly always come to her rescue, even if they wanted to. He leaned against the counter beside the stove and nodded slowly. "That's probably for the best."

He couldn't hide his surprise, however, when she offered her words, the way a mother would a blanket to her son, "...I'll be relying on something not to happen to you."

"I like to hope nothing will happen. It's reassuring to think that maybe he's all talk. Though, I seriously don't know." She shook her head as she thought about it. Bel didn't make any sense to her whatsoever. Therefore she tried not to think about it. It was easier that way.

"He hasn't tried to harm me yet, so I'm counting on that." Takada said. She wasn't really sure who she was trying to convince, Ryuuzaki or herself. But it did make her feel a little more at ease.

"I highly doubt he would be," L admitted with a sharp nod as the kettle finally offered a whistle. He lowered the heat immediately and poured each of them a cup. Then he pushed forward a smaller porcelain container of sugar cubes and cream, as he didn't know how she liked her tea. "He's a famous assassin from Italy, and part of a group of them. Or maybe he could be considered a mercenary. He's a participant in a mafia."

L had done the research on Belphegor and was a little surprised to find that there were a few others on the ship that were a part of the same family. L didn't know much about Italy's maffia, but he had an idea of how it was run. "If he brags so much, it probably means he's proud of his position." Dunking nearly his entire collection of sugar cubes into his cup, he stirred it and took a sip. "I would just say be cautious. And don't let him know what you do know about him."

That made him even more frightening, in her mind. She took her teacup and held it in her hands for a moment, then took a few suagr cubes that were left. She dropped them in and watched them dissolve. "I suppose it's all I can do," Takada said, not able to think of anything else. Lifting the cup to her lips, she took a sip and set it back down.

"I actually have a question for you, Ryuuzaki."

L would have been more concerned for Takada's well being if he hadn't known of the ship's rules. Light couldn't kill anyone with the Death Note. Belphegor couldn't slice people to death with his knives. It was as simple as that, and he was thankful. He neglected his cup in favour of the last of his sugar cubes.

An eyebrow lifted as he plucked the first one and placed it between his lips, "Hm? By all means, Takada-ko."

Takada, too, was more than pleased with the ship's rules. It was probably the one thing keeping her alive.

She stared at him for a moment, trying to form the question in her head, so it came out just the way she wanted it to. "When we first met... all those years ago at Tou-oh... Do you remember?" That was probably a good starting question.

He thought back to the first time they crossed paths. What had Light said? It was after their tennis match, wasn't it? The one that had gotten so much attention...? He just remembered meeting her, hearing that she was Light's girlfriend, and wondered about Misa's position in his life. "You were Yagami-kun's girlfriend. You are Yagami-kun's girlfriend."

Just like Misa.

She took another sip of her tea. It felt weird hearing that sentence from Ryuuzaki. Especially after what had transpired between the two of them. And she wasn't sure how to respond.

So she moved on. "When I first met you, you introduced yourself as ...Hideki Ryuuga. Yes. Like the famous actor. That was why you stood out to most people. It was a name everyone knew. And it as strange that you had the exact same name." She paused for a moment. She'd gotten off track there. "Anyway... When I arrived here, you introduced yourself as 'Ryuuzaki'. I didn't think anything of it at first... But after a while I did. What is your name? Is it Ryuuga or Ryuuzaki?"

L paused.

It was the first time he was genuinely caught. He hadn't given her enough credit. It never occurred to him that Light would possibly sell him out like that. Well, chances were that Light never even considered the possibility. Both he and L had made the mistake of assuming Takada was not nearly as smart. Looks weren't everything, but even she wasn't an idiot.

Finally he smiled. "Which one are you willing to buy?"

She blinked. That wasn't quite the answer she was expecting. It certainly wasn't a straightforward answer, like she'd wanted. But she couldn't help but smile back. "I'll go with Ryuuzaki. It seems more likely than Ryuuga." And she'd gotten used to "Ryuuzaki" after all. And he probably wouldn't tell her, by the sounds of it.

She responded with so much ease, and L decided in that moment that he would be truthful to her.

"You can call me Ryuuzaki. In fact, I'd prefer it when we're in public." Which meant she could call him L behind closed doors as long as Belphegor and Shirley weren't there. Well, when she knew his name was really L. "Ryuuzaki, however, is the name of my successor. Was. Whether he lives or not, I don't know. Logically, when Kira was killing criminals, he should have died as well. I have never seen him. I have never heard his voice. I would never know if he lived or not. Rue Ryuuzaki was his alias. I took it from him when I had him arrested."

Takada stared as Ryuuzaki talked. It sounded sentimental... And she actually didn't know what to say. "I see..." She didn't know what else to say. She sipped more of her tea, thinking. So Ryuuzaki was also a fake name, just like Ryuuga had been. Amazing.

"Tell me, Takada-ko," L began as he arched an eyebrow at her. "What has Yagami-kun told you? He's my best friend, so I would like to think, he'd say nothing but nice things about me, but it's hard to believe that when he succeeded in killing me."

Her eyes widened. "He killed you?" now that was shocking... thought she supposed it really shouldn't have been...

He's my best friend, so I would like to think he'd say nothing but nice things about me, but it's hard to believe that when he succeeded in killing me.

That sent chills down her spine, just because it sounded so..eerie. She took another drink of tea, finishing off the cup. She set it down and pushed it way slightly. This was putting her on the spot, and compromising her position. Both as Light's girlfriend/goddess and also as Ryuuzaki's friend. So how did she answer this? Lying would have been the way she would have gone, if it had been anyone but Ryuuzaki asking. But she trusted him... so she found herself torn between lying to her friend, and honoring Light's trust; and telling the truth and betraying Light.


Was this all an act? Takada had already proven once that she was more observant than she let on. What other kinds of secrets did she hide beneath her flawless skin? What other thoughts did she hold in that beautiful visage? He could stare at her for an eternity, and he would never truly know. If he did stare, however, he'd frighten her off.

So L allowed her to process that information, being very calm, and very collected through the moments of silence. He was so good at acting nonchalant, even when it came to discussing his won death. He remembered everything about it, of course, even the moment his thoughts were confirmed. He'd known from the very beginning and put himself into the position where he was asking for his ending. In the end, he couldn't be too angry. Not too much.

"He can deny it as much as he wants. Maybe he doesn't remember. Maybe he doesn't want you to know, but you already do know. Maybe he doesn't want you to know about the things he did before he relied on you. Yagami Light is Kira, but Yagami Light is also my best friend. Strange as it may be, my own enemy who wanted to eradicate me from the beginning is the same person I call my best friend. It sounds odd, doesn't it?"

She looked up. It was hard to even believe what she was hearing. She'd never known anyone who considered someone who'd killed them their best friend. Maybe it was on of those "Keep your enemies closer" type of things... Takada didn't know. At all. Of course... If she said anything that Light had said to her... It would incriminate her as well.

She wondered though, if that even mattered at this point in time. If Ryuuzaki knew that Light was Kira, and was still willing to call him his best friend...

"I already know that Yagami-kun is Kira... Though, I didn't know this when we first met... I learned of it much later." She wanted to tell Ryuuzaki everything... But at the same time, she was still devoted to Light. She was trying to decide what, exactly, she should tell him.

L wondered how much harm it could do to be up front with her. Light knew his name. It wouldn't mean anything if Takada knew. L was aware of Takada's association with Light. He had a feeling that anything he told her, she'd turn around and feed it to her master, like the lapdog she was. He had sympathy for her, though. L wanted to protect her, and if that meant dying again, he'd be willing to deal with it. Perhaps.

"Let me ask you something else as well, Takada-ko." Then he interjected himself quickly, asking her if she wanted some more tea. "Has Yagami-kun ever talked about who it was he considered his rival?"

She nodded in response to the tea, then laced her fingers together. "No... He hasn't. To be honest..." she looked away, not sure if she really wanted to say this. If Light found out... well... Who's to say what he would do? But... She figured that she could trust Ryuuzaki not to say anything. "When you and I first got acquainted, he told me to be careful around you. That you wanted to bring down his utopia. The new world he wants to create... Or something along those lines..." Takada conveniently left her own name out. Not that there was much Ryuuzaki could do at this point... and if he even would do anything.

He poured her another cup and listened to her explanation. She couldn't be more right, though. L wasn't going to do diddly, and he'd reassure her of it too.

"He was right to warn you," was his first confession. "While I have no problems with utopia, I have a problem with someone who wants to play God. All over Japan, people thought Kira was God. Yagami-kun thought he was god, and he's as human as you and I are. He hates, he loves, he feels disappointment and anger. Those are human emotions. We were created in God's image, though, so just because he looks like a god doesn't make him one."

L cradled his chin in the palm of a hand. With the other, he took a sip of his own tea, which had grown disappointingly lukewarm. "He doesn't have any power here. Contrary to popular belief, Yagami-kun and I are well-acquainted, and longer than either of us might think. I was hired originally by the Japanese police force to investigate the serial killings committed by Kira. My name..." He trailed off thoughtfully, wondering if he could get away with saying something.

"You're L." She said, as it dawned on her. How could she have missed it? But he said that he'd been hired by the police, she knew. It was all over the media. L vs. Kira. Ryuuzaki was being completely honest with her... Takada felt like she owed him the same, in the very least.

"I worked with Kira... And when I found out that Yagami-kun was Kira... we got back together. He promised me a utopia, in which he would be God and I would be his Goddess..." That all seemed like so long ago. "But then I was kidnapped, and... then I was here." She'd wrapped up everything that had happened with her for him. It wasn't much, but it was a story, as well as a confession.

He offered her a very sharp nod. It was very curt, and very much to the point. He also knew it wasn't subtle, though. She'd be able to pick it off in a heart beat. And she could call him that. As long as it was behind closed doors. L was a famous name, most likely even on the ship. No one would take him seriously if they saw the way he looked.

He listened to her confirm his suspicions. He thought he'd known what was going on. He couldn't say he felt any sense of relief, however. He tilted his head at her and nodded slowly. "I understand. You've been in a difficult position." Then he smiled, "I'm not going to tell you what to do or what you should do. I will have you know, however, that I'm going to protect you. I know I don't have to, especially when you're in a position to stab me in the back." Which he assumed she would, "But I want to."

It was true. Takada could eaily stab him in the back. But she wouldn't. She wasn't like Light... Not that much. And unlike Light, the power of the Death Note had frightened her. She didn't like it. But that caused a new question to pop into her head... Light had made it seem like he still had the Note... Like he still had the power to change the world.

"You said Yagami-kun doesn't have power here... Do you mean that he doesn't have the notebook?" If that were the case... then... That really seems like something he should have told her. In fact... He had told her once that Mikami was holding on to it. So this means that someone, either L or Light, was lying to her.

"And you'll still protect me?" L was truly a sweetheart, wasn't he? She smiled softly. "I can't thank you enough, Ryuuzaki...L..."

Once again, she was showing her intelligence and her observance. L was impressed. Impressed, and at the same time, a little concerned. She must not have known what she was getting into. Especially with Light.

"Think about it, Takada. Prince Belphegor can't cut people to death. Why? Because it's against the rules of the authority. Yagami-kun can't kill anyone with the Death Note for the same reason. Even if he has the book, which..." He lifted both of his hands and waved them back and forth, "...I don't know if he does or not. Yagami-kun and I don't talk about that for good reason." Mainly because Light still wouldn't admit that he was Kira.

"Even if he has the Death Note, its power is rendered void as long as we're on this ship. You'll have to wait until you're back in Japan before you can become the goddess of his new world." Assuming L let that happen.

"I see..." So it seemed that Light had been lying to her. The way he'd talked made her think that he was capable of creating a new world here. It was what he'd wanted her to look for, wasn't it? Just and fair people to let in? Wasn't that her mission? Even if he did have the notebook, he couldn't do anything with it.

This was troubling.She wasn't at all sure what to make of this. It was a lot to take in at once.

She was disoriented, like being born all over again. She didn't know which way to turn or what she should do. It was pretty obvious. L regarded her silently for a few moments and then nodded slowly, finishing off his tea and immediately pouring himself another cup and another thirteen sugar cubes, each one meticulously counted out quietly before being subjected to its doom.

"So what will you do now?"

"I don't know..." She replied honestly, twiddling her thumbs before taking her teacup again, and taking her newly refilled cup. Takada held the cup for a minute, then picking it up and taking a sip. She was completely at a loss.

If she cornered Light about this... He would likely tell her that L was lying to her. As much as she would like to believe that... she didn't. L had no reason to lie, whereas Light had every reason to lie.

"I really don't know."

This was like a small victory to the detective. Actually, it was a very large one. However, victory was sort of pointless when there was nothing to gain it against. L had lost a lot of his fire for his rivalry with Light, unlike the latter. Light still enjoyed his little charade and L had grown tired of it and was simply playing along with it.

"Whatever you do," he said between a sip of his tea and his following words, "make sure you're not in trouble." Then, lowering his cup, he offered her a sugar cube to her lips, smiling gently. "Chin up. You've been in the dark for a while. Consider our time here to be a limbo spot for you. You don't have to make any decisions until we return to Japan. That might not be for a while."

Takada looked up at L. He was so sweet to her. Even after all she'd told him. It was a relief. She had been worried that he would change his attitude towards her. Then again, he did still consider Light his best friend. She found that strange, him considering someone who killed him to be a friend, but she didn't think too much on it.

She smiled as well and ate the sugar cube, then took a drink of tea. "You're right... I don't need to worry about anything for right now. "Thank you..."

"A smile makes you glow much more than a frown."

It was a very childish thing for him to say. Childish, but very much like him, along with the smile that accompanied his words. He finished off his second cup of tea.

"That's the reason you came to see me then. To question me on who I truly was."

She blushed slightly at his words, though she should have been used to his compliments by now. Regardless, she still liked to hear them.

She actually looked a little ashamed when he spoke next. It had been the only reason, hadn't it? Though it was nice to just see him again. If she'd said it, it would sound like a pathetic attempt to cover it up. "I'm sorry. The thought just occurred to me, and I wanted to ask you. I honestly didn't expect you to tell me."

Well, he supposed a part of him would have realized she'd come to see him. Otherwise, he was fairly certain that she only came for the sake of getting information on him.

Leaning against the counter, his smile lessened, though perhaps it could have been misinterpreted as more sinister, "Logic, however, claims that by telling you I lost nothing. Yagami knows what my name is. He knows who I am. He can't do anything about it. I won't die again, and even if you went running off to tell him, then it still wouldn't change anything."

He paused and gestured toward her, "I had a suspicion that you were likely going to band together with him, so I was careful when I first met you. Before I knew Yagami-kun's power was limited, I wanted to ensure my survival. I honestly thought you were a threat to it." Then he offered her a look, "Are you, Takada-ko?"

It was kind of shocking to hear his demeanor change so drastically. It was actually kind of frightening. And Takada was easily shaken. "I never planned on telling Ygami-kun what you told me... I asked for my own knowledge, not for him."

"I was banding with him, but he never mentioned doing anything to you. He told me to stay away from you, but I came to see you on my accord." This was all true, so she hoped he believed her. "I can assure you that I have no intention of threatening your survival." She was going to mention that they were friends, but she figured that probably wouldn't mean much.

Two sides to L. The sweet and juvenile side, the one that he wanted to take care of Takada-ko with. Then there was the other. The one that could be considered cold and barbaric. That was the one that had held up his guard in order to ensure his protection. He didn't want to fall so easily, especially not to a set of fluttering eyelashes and a flawless pair of legs.

As she spoke and explained herself, he poured himself another cup of tea and was sucking upon sugar cube after sugar cube after sugar cube. "Hm..." Then his face broke into a large smile, "Good! I don't like having to worry so much. I can't investigate when I have to worry about my well being."

Takada let out a sigh of relief when he smiled again, and she smiled back as well. She had just witness for the first, and hopefully last time, L's other half. She hoped that it wouldn't happen again.

"You don't have to worry about anything, L. Anything you tell me in secret, I won't repeat to anyone." She didn't mention that she would find it incredibly hard to lie to Light... But there was a dfference between lying and withholding the truth. If she never mentioned anything about her meetings with L, then she wouldn't be lying.

He knew that he'd frightened her. That was what caused him to smile. It wasn't fair to frighten her off like that. Well, perhaps it was. He felt a little betrayed, even though he'd known all along. How unfair it would have been to judge her so harshly. As an investigator, however, he was meant to judge others.

"I'm trusting you, Takada. As I hope you trust me. What I said, about protecting you, I mean that. More than you can possibly know. That means if Yagami-kun hurts you, even if he's my best friend, he'll pay."

Takada was a brilliant woman. She'd gone to one of the best universities and landed herself in a great profession. She gave off the air of intelligence.

But in all honesty, she was only really smart book-wise. When it came to real-life matters, life and death situations, and reading people, she was practically blind. She was a follower, not a leader. She followed blindly, even. Needless to say, it was easy to win her trust. Just as it was easy to scare her away. That was how both Light and L had won her trust and support. Light, using her feelings and a smile, got her to follow him completely. L had done much the same, except he hadn't asked her to kill people for him.

"I do trust you... And I appreciate you protecting me. I can't thank you enough."

He probably could have handled seeing her every day. He would have been fine with always having her company. Of course, he also knew he was a bit biased. After all, he couldn't help wondering if he'd been the first man to lay with her the way he had. Perhaps not. She was beautiful. She could have any man she wanted. What would make L any different? He wasn't special. And if he was, he was especially... grotesque.

So when the words left his lips, he hadn't caught them. "Do you want to stay the night?"

She fiddled with her cup, tapping her fingers on the side, then taking a drink every so often. She repeated this action a few times, until she looked up at him.

That means if Yagami-kun hurts you, even if he's my best friend, he'll pay.

Did that imply that L expected Light to hurt her? Who knew. Light was devious, and sneaky. It probably wouldn't be too much of a surprise if he found out about this conversation and got really angry.... She hoped it wouldn't come to that.

When he spoke, she was a little taken aback. How unexpected... But not unwelcome. "I would love to..." She genuinely wanted to stay the night. It was just an added bonus that she wouldn't have to go back to her room.

L wanted to think that Light wouldn't turn around and do something to Takada, but he also knew that Light was manipulative. He didn't really care for Misa, which led L to believe that he probably didn't care for Takada either. But... couldn't the same think be said about L? What did he really care for? His life, of course was a priority, and protecting the innocent... Perhaps his justice, then?

He was busy contemplating this when he turned his attention back onto Takada and her response. The idea that she accepted surprised him, in that secretive pleasant way. After all, they'd already slept together once. How different would it be to do so again? His smile stayed, "Good. I was hoping you'd say that. Unfortunately, there's no separate bed for us this time, so I hope you don't mind if I curl up and cuddle with you." Har. Cuddle. L knew he would, too.

Takada knew very little of Light's true intentions regarding pretty anyone in his life. She, like Misa, thought he was just using the other girl, and not really into her at all. Takada was convinced that she was going to be the one ruling alongside Light. Or at least, she had thought that.

She let out a tiny chuckle. He was extremely charming. She thought that quite often. "It's okay, I don't mind. Not at all." She assured him, smiling, and finishing off her cup of tea.

L would not now, or ever, offer his theories on what Light had intended to do with either Takada or Misa. It wasn't his business; it wasn't his position, and in all honesty... he didn't want to be involved. It was hard to keep himself in check. Dealing with two females would make it two times the trouble and likely only one of them would be worth it.

He looked quite touched with her response and it showed, clear as day, drawn across his face the way a sunset splashes a painting when blended properly. "That makes me very happy to hear you say that, Takada-ko. I will admit, I was a little concerned when you said you'd wanted to speak with me. I thought perhaps I had wronged you."

Although... technically speaking, he had.

"No.. I didn't mean to worry you... I just... wanted to talk." Since she liked talking to L, quite a lot. Whether it be something serious, or something not so serious. It honestly didn't matter to her. She really just liked being around him.

"I have to thank you for asking me to stay. I would have, regardless, but still..." She was much more content sleeping with L than sleeping i hr own room, with Belphegor skulking around outside her room...

To talk. Yes. Indeed. She had wanted to talk, although it seemed that contrary to the usual, L had done more talking this time. No matter. In a little bit of time, it would revert back to the norm. After all, he was far more interested in what she had to say than what he thought.

"You are welcome to stay with me, any time you choose, Takada-ko. I'm well aware of your discomfort with Prince Belphegor, and I couldn't blame you for it either." After all, not even he was that comfortable with Bel. But then, it was hard to say who would be, aside from his posse, of course.

She nodded, licking her lower lip, and tasting remnants of the sugar cube from earlier. If it were up to her, she'd never leave. Not only was this L's room, but it was away from Belphegor, and it was gorgeous room. Unfortunately, that would be rather obvious, wouldn't it? It was sure to bring attention to L... And she didn't want to purposefully cause trouble. Though, if Light found out, it was sure to do so.

If he'd heard all of this, how would have L reacted? It didn't seem to matter much. After all, she was in his room. Well, the room he shared with that Shirley, who hopefully wouldn't mind some additional company. L was willing to take responsibility if she really had a problem with it.

He watched her for a moment and a smile passed over his lips. "May I taste?"

She was surprised by the question, but recovered quickly. Takada smiled and tilted her head up slightly, wordlessly giving him permission.

Seeing him like this now made her almost forget about the L she'd seen earlier, and how frightening he was in comparison. They hardly seemed to be the same person. Luckily, he seemed to be playful more often than not, and she was perfectly content with that. She just hoped she could stay on his good side.

L wondered how Light would have reacted. Was he the type to be so smooth and sly? Or was he more forward with what he wanted? Well... What he pretended to want. Light had always been forward when it came to Misa. At least, from what he'd shown L. He had a feeling that wasn't just an act, though; not like everything else had been. As a result, there was a distinct possibility that Light was more outgoing.

His hand extended and took her by the chin as he leaned over his counter. And in a very kind and tender gesture, he offered her a kiss, and a smile to accompany it.

From personal experiences, Takada knew that Light was very forward with what he wanted. He certainly wasted no time. Though, she supposed that being God of the New World, he didn't really have time to beat around the bush, so to speak.

When L kissed her, she smiled, just a little, and returned the kiss. It was a comfortable gesture.

It only lasted for a moment. He wouldn't let it last longer than necessary. After all, Takada belonged to Light and as far as he was concerned, she was still loyal to him. He was only protecting her, only keeping her safe. That was it.

At least, that's what he'd tell himself.

"You can borrow some of my clothes to sleep in. They might be a little big for you," L commented. He was taller than her if he stood up straight, but that would never happen.

It was hard at this point to tell where she stood with Light. Or even L for that matter. She never knew what Light was thinking, and she could say the same for L. She'd put herself in a strange place... And she didn't know what to do at this point. What she did know was that Light would not be happy if he found out what she and L had discussed. It helped to know that L was going to protect her, but at the same time, she'd rather avoid confrontation altogether.

"Oh. Thank you." She could just sleep in one of his shirts. It would be more comfortable than the skirt and button-up shirt she was currently sporting. And it wasn't like L had never seen her legs before. She wasn't concerned.

Once more, L lifted a hand and gestured for her to follow. Automatically assuming she had, because it wasn't like her to stay behind, he trudged over to his closet in that sloth-like manner. Opening it, he withdrew a simple shirt, one that would likely cover her quite well. And along with it, he offered her flannel pajama pants, not unlike the ones he was wearing.

"This'll be all right? I don't know what else I have for you."

"This is fine, believe me. I appreciate it." She took the clothes and draped them over her arm. She held the clothes to her chest for a moment, then walked off in the direction of the bathroom to change. She supposed it didn't really matter where she changed... but it wasn't really refined to just strip down and change right in the middle of someone else's room.

When she shut the door behind her, she quickly stripped off her clothes and pulled on L's. They were loose on her, which she'd expected. But still. It was strange to see herself like that in the mirror. Takada gently patted her hair down, folded her own clothes, and then emerged from the bathroom again.

"I really can't tell you how much I appreciate your kindness."

While she was busy changing, L had cleaned up the kitchen, so Shirley wouldn't have to do it later. She'd probably appreciate that. Afterward, he paused in the living room and fixed up his bed for Takada.

Was it really all right to sleep with her? Even platonically? She didn't seem to mind, but... did that make it okay? And why the hell was he thinking about it now?

Be a man, L. Be a man and you can have cookies later.

He turned his attention immediately onto her, surprised for only a moment before offering a smile, "It's nothing."

Takada briefly considered whether or not sleeping with L was okay. Briefly. But she'd ultimately decided it was, because there was really no reason why it wouldn't be. Anything that could have potentially happened had already happened...

She shook her head. "It may be nothing to you, but I assure you, it means a lot to me."

He laughed, a genuine sound. Very genuine -- at that. Then he approached her and examined her carefully. "You look cute. I think I like you this way."

And in a fit that seemed irrational, but was very much L, he threw his arms around her and squeezed her tightly. He cherished her. This was very much true. He considered her precious to him.

At first, she didn't quite know how to react. To his words, or his actions. She almost stiffened, but caught herself and let out a small laugh. He was such an enigma. So completely fascinating. So... childlike at times, and yet still very adult. She wasn't sure how he did it.

And what boggled her the most, is that he was so different from anyone else. He liked her looking unrefined. Which was definitely not how she'd let anyone else see her. How strange. But she was flattered.

"You really think so?" She put an arm around him, in an awkward attempt at a hug.

In his lurched over state, he lifted his chin to look up at her. It wasn't fair to make her lean over much, was it?

"Yes. It's charming, because you're not like everyone else. Young ladies, no matter how charming they are, obsess over their looks and forget what's really important." He paused for a moment and then tilted his head at her, "You could be the most beautiful creature in the world and be complete black on the inside. I wouldn't want to know a person like that."

And while he thought Takada was vain, he didn't think she was that bad.

She would admit, she was vain. Incredibly so. Her looks were extremely important to her. Because if she didn’t' maintain her appearance, no one would take her seriously. That's what she'd learned all her life, anyway. L proved it true, too. By looking at him, she would have never guessed that he was the great detective L.

But Takada also knew that there were more important things in life than just one's looks. L had also proved that to her as well.

A hand lifted and slipped into her hair. It was so soft and silky, so perfect, unlike his unruly and askew hair. "I think you're fine just the way you are. I expect you to wear what you'd be comfortable in." Then he reached over with his other hand and patted her down, "I also, however, can't stop thinking that you look very good just the way you are."

Takada had half expected him to ruffle up her hair. When it didn't happen, she just smiled. And continued to smile as he complimented her. She honestly thought he was too nice to her, but she certainly wasn't complaining. She enjoyed it.

"Why, thank you, L... It means a lot to hear that..." It did. It meant she was doing something right.

Too nice, hm? Well, if it ever happened to be that she'd double-cross him, Takada would get to see just how terrible L could be. He considered himself a man of justice. That did not mean, however, that others would see it in another perspective.

He withdrew finally, unsure if he was making her uncomfortable or not. Then he gestured to his bed, "It's all ready. Do you need something else, Takada-ko?"

Takada had no intention of double-crossing L. Not on purpose anyway. She liked him too much to do that to him. Probably the only person capable of making her do something like that was Light. But she had no intention of telling him anything. About her rendezvous with L. About sleeping over, on more than one occasion. About anything they talked about.

"No, I don't think I do. Thank you though..." She glanced from L to the bed. It looked so inviting and comfortable... Then she looked back to L. "Are you joining me right away? Or are you going to be doing other things first?"

L probably should have felt relieved. He didn't, though. Not entirely. He was the type of man who always had some sort of guard that was held. As a result, there was a chance that he'd take some more time before he fully trusted Takada -- if ever. Knowing him, like Light, he'd hold her as close as he could. He could lend his time, and his smiles, but not exactly his heart, or his trust.

He had to admit that his new bed was far more comfortable than the other, but honestly, he didn't exactly care. At her inquiry, he looked her over thoughtfully and then over to his computer. He'd been investigating the captain, the ship, and its inhabitants, as per the norm. However...

"Do you want me to join you right away?"

Takada smiled and adjusted her shirt. "That's up to you. If you have something," she pointed over to the computer, "important to do, then you should work on that." She had no problem sleeping by herself for now. After all, L would join her later. She was all right with that.

"But if you want to join me, I won't say no."

He edged behind her and slipped his arms around her slight waist carefully. She was so delicate, he thought, not that he'd ever share those words. "I would not, however, like to turn you away. You're not the type to get lonely, but you are my guest. I should be the first to make sure you're perfectly comfortable."

"Oh? Well, if you're sure you don't mind..." She tipped her head back and looked up at L. "I would like very much if you would come with me." She felt kind of rude for asking, since he appeared to be in the middle of something, but he offered, so she was going to accept. "I'd be more comfortable sleeping in your bed if you were there with me."

"Of course I don't mind," he replied with that full-fledged smile. How juvenile he was being. So juvenile, but... Somewhat endearing. At least, what he would have considered endearing.

He offered her a nod, "My work can always wait until tomorrow. I'm not in a hurry here." He had no reason to work hastily. Not unless someone's safety came into question. Releasing her, he inched over to his computer in his lurched posture and shut it off, without even backing up any of his information. He was that serious about her company.

That was sweet of him, pushing off his work to spend time with her. It made her feel special. Not that she didn't always feel special... But even more so than usual. "All right. I do appreciate it, as I've said many times." She probably didn't need to say it again, but it seemed rude not to. Takada waited for L as he turned off computer, and started walking over to the bed when he rejoined her.

At her side, his lips upturned into that devious grin. "I know you do. You don't need reiterate it. Sometimes the loudest words are the ones that remain unsaid." It was likely a clever thing to say. Perhaps. Then he extended a hand, took her by the wrist and drew her down to his bed. "You understand what I'm saying, Takada-ko?"

She sat down next to him, feeling slightly embarrassed. She knew what he meant.... She thanked him too much when she really didn't need to. It probably got bothersome after a while. "Yes... I understand." She looked over at him, noting his grin. He was up to something, it seemed... But what?

She couldn't help but smile, even though she had no idea what he was thinking.

How adorable she was when she grew that meek way! In fact, 'adorable' was an understatement. He slipped an arm around her and reaching past her frame, he turned off the light to the side of his room, leaving the two in darkness. Then he pulled her down into the sheets of his askew bed. "I'm glad," he replied softly.

Takada fell back on the bed and immediately curled up next to L. It was rather inappropriate for a woman who was apparently spoken for... but stranger things had happened between the two already. It didn't seem all that inappropriate now. She rested her head on his shoulder, getting herself comfortable.

"I like spending time with you, L..." She told him.

He didn't have plans of doing other things with her. It may have seemed it, and perhaps he held a devious look about him, but L Lawliet's thoughts were perfectly pure, perfectly righteous. He allowed her to sweep in close to him and he held his other arm to her back, as a means of reassuring her.

Did she? Perhaps. Or perhaps it was a ploy. It was far too late in the night for him to argue or banter, however. "And I with you, Takada Kiyomi."

Laying here in the dark made her realize just how tired she was. It wasn't like she did very much in the day or anything. But she spent most of her time on edge, due to Belphegor, and that alone was very exhausting. So being in a bed with someone she liked, being kept safe... It was welcoming.

"Good night, L..." she murmured, curling up closer to him.

He busied himself by burying the tip of his nose into her glossy hair. Perhaps if he could fall asleep every night with that sort of scent, then he could always have a full night's rest. His posture softened and he scarcely replied. It was more a subtle tone than anything else.

"The sweetest dreams to you," came his reply.
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