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In any existing universe and any existing timeline, people who are deserving of and in dire need of peace, salvation, and paradise are invited in this perfect world. But in exchange, they will have to give up any of their magical and supernatural abilities to keep harmony alive. Also, they must give up any weapons of destruction they possess. Any natural fighting abilities, however, are kept... all in an effort to keep everyone at peace, both friend and foe alike. (But we all know that'd still end up in hell) It is rumored that anyone who breaks this peace within the Elysium cruiser will end up in solitary confinement at the lowest deck in the Elysium known as the Hades deck

Elysium Cruiser is a pan-anime role-playing community with characters from any anime series/OVA in existence. This roleplay community consists of real-time logs, instant message chats, in-character journal entries, and the normal and crazy events that happen in a place such as this. It takes place in a futuristic colonial spaceship called Elysium.

* Most recent posts


* Ohnoz! Body switch! This is why you never make the Captain angry.

* Beach party on the top deck
* Angry captain is angry [aka. bad, evil, and somewhat kinky handcuff plot :D]
* A haunting: complete with ghosts and a power outage :D
* Crash landing on the planet of love - [ tent listing, planet description ]
* Sakura Matsuri: the Cherry Blossom Spring Festival. [ festival thread ]
* Meteor showers make you tell only truth and all the truth.
*Valentine's Day: Mandatory assigned dates and Love potion in the air!
* Flying through a nebula makes your personalities do a 180. heh heh heh
* Body switch / Captain's announcement
* Black-out / Attempted take-over
* Halloween Celebration

Here's how to become part of this rp!
1. Read over the Rules. They're very important and govern the way the rp runs! The FAQs answer common additional questions. All others direct to a mod!
2. Check out the Roster and make sure the character you want isn't taken.
3. Fill out the Application and send it to elysium.roleplay[at]gmail.com. Don't join the comms until your char has been accepted.
4. Applications generally take 24-48 hours to be approved or disapproved. If it's been longer than 2 days, contact a mod.

The Elysium Wiki is the center of all mun information! Refer questions to the wiki before asking someone else. If your question isn't answered, ask a mod!
Useful pages ~
> RP Rules: Very important. Plz read kthx.
> FAQs: answers to your most common questions
> Contact list: Use this list to contact the mods, or character AIM s/n's
> Friend add: the fastest way to add all the members!
> Application: for getting new characters =D
> Roster: Who's here!
> Living Arrangements: Who lives where
> Muse ID: want an ID card for your muse? comment here!
> Jobs: your muse wants a job? we'll give them one. heh heh heh.

> Captain's announcements: policy announcements, mostly
> Mod announcements: all important posts made on the OOC comm

For questions, please contact the maintainers.

styxswitchboard - the IM community
rothion_notes - the OOC community
elysium_singles - the community for singles ads.


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Wanna be an affiliate? Send an e-mail to "elysium.roleplay---gmail.com" and drop your info. We only ask that you reciprocate the affiliation!
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